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What is the difference between: Store device data (data roll-ups) Store Device data (raw data rete
Store Device Data *per account (data roll-ups)Device Cloud will retain roll-ups for each DataStream within set limits depending on your edition. The amount specified in the Edition Summary is the m...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: View Meter Readings for Digi Smart Energy Gateways From the Device Cloud
HOW TO: View Smart Meter Readings From the Device Cloud From your Device Cloud account select the Device Manager menu item, followed by XBee Networks tab.   Highlight the desired entry and click...
Jul 06, 2017
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand. The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in thes...
Jul 06, 2017
How can I refresh the XBee Network page of a device showing old entries in Device Cloud?
Navigate to XBee Network page under Device Manager in Device Cloud, right click on the particular device and select Discover, a dialog box appears, enable the check box Clear the cache on the devic...
Jul 06, 2017
Understanding MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
MTBF is defined as the point in time at which 1/e devices on average will still be operational (1/e is approximately 37%)Furthermore, MTBF specifically excludes wear-out factors. A fan’s MTBF may b...
Jul 06, 2017
Using Digi Cellular Gateways as Backhaul for Digi Wireless Networks
 This application note discusses the benefits of combining Digi cellular gateways/routers with Digi wireless networking products to create integrated, low cost end-to-end wireless data con...
Jul 06, 2017
Device Cloud: Adding/Deleting a user to/from your account
Adding or Deleting a user to your account To add a user, log into the server, click on Security, then Users. Click the “Add User” button and then enter in the necessary information.Add or Remove an...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi makes many serial devices, some of which are DTE (Portserver TS, Etherlite, Connect/ConnectPort, Digi One, USB-to-serial, DiN Serial adapters), and others which are DCE (TransPort, PKG RF mode...
Jul 06, 2017
What does "Galvanically isolated from Earth ground" mean?
"Galvanically isolated" is a term used to describe the relation between two different points in a circuit  It means that the ASYNC Signal Ground (SG) is isolated from earth ground, by vir...
Jul 06, 2017
"Display must be set" error installing RealPort driver in SCO OpenServer
Symptom: In SCO OpenServer, when installing the RealPort driver from the CD with ./setup, a message "DISPLAY must be set to a valid display running X" appears. Solution: From the command...
Jul 06, 2017
How to make an RS-232 loopback plug
Loopback plugs are very useful for initial serial port troubleshooting, to ensure the serial port in question is functional.A DB-9 loopback plug should have a female DB-9 connector and should be wi...
Jul 06, 2017
How to enable a Terminal or Modem in Solaris
Command to enable a terminal in Solaris pmadm -a -p zsmon -s a001s -fu -i root -v `ttyadm -V` -m "`ttyadm -d /dev/dty/a001s -l 9600 -s /usr/bin/login`" where: zsmon - is the...
Jul 06, 2017
US Robotics Modem Configuration in UNIX
 This guide demonstrates configuration of US Robotics Sportster and Courier modems for use in a dial-in application in a UNIX-type environment: DIP switches Sportster modems should be set initiall...
Jul 06, 2017
Using MultiTech Modems on Digi Ports in Unix
 This guide demonstrates configuration of many MultiTech Modems for use in a dialin application in a Unix-type environment:1. DIP Switches If the Modem has DIP switches, set them to the async defau...
Jul 06, 2017
"Garbage" is appearing on the screen instead of expected Login prompt in Solaris
Symptoms: B>Terminal initially receives login and works fine until the terminal is powered off and turned back on, then either the login won't appear or garbage characters will display on th...
Jul 06, 2017
Error "insmod: dgrp: no module by that name found" when attempting to use dgrp_gui or dgrp_cfg_node
Symptom: The following error is seen: "insmod: dgrp: no module by that name found" when attempting to use dgrp_gui or dgrp_cfg_node to configure. Cause: Our driver normally places a syml...
Jul 06, 2017
Unresolved symbols and configuration mismatches
1. Example of the error messages in question:Using /lib/modules/2.4.2-2smp/misc/dgrp.o/lib/modules/2.4.2-2smp/misc/dgrp.o: unresolved symbol securebits/lib/modules/2.4.2-2smp/misc/dgrp.o: unresolve...
Jul 06, 2017
Configuring Terminals for Login in HP-UX
Enabling the New PortsTerminalsConnect terminals to the ports (using a Digi standard terminal cable) and test the connections to each terminal by entering the following command for each port added:...
Jul 06, 2017
Configuring ports for Printers in HP-UX
Serial Printers To prepare a port for connection to a printer, enter the following command: ditty printer [baud rate and flow control options] ttya01This command is recommended for any port that h...
Jul 06, 2017
Configuring Ports for Modems in HP-UX
Setting up ports for bi-directional modems Use vi to enable the new modem entries in the /etc/inittab file for dial-in. The following entries have been automatically added for the ports installed: ...
Jul 06, 2017
Recovering from AIX print spooler problems
Problem:The print spooler is in a "down" or "unknown" state.Cannot remove queued jobs.The "daemon" process is not running.Solution:stopsrc -s qdaemonlssrc -s qdaemon (...
Jul 06, 2017
AIX console information not displaying
Symptom: The information is not displaying from the AIX serial port even though there appears to be a successful connection to the port. Possible Causes:Carrier detect is not being asserted on the...
Jul 06, 2017
The Solaris Console Information Does Not Appear
Symptom Even though there seems to be a successful connection to the port, no data is seen coming from the Solaris serial port. Possible Causes:The keyboard and mouse are still connected to the So...
Jul 06, 2017
Getty Respawning too Rapidly Errors in SCO OpenServer
Symptom: Errors scroll on system console or can be found in /usr/adm/messages file. Cause: Device entry duplication in the /etc/inittab file. Solution: Edit the /etc/inittab file and remove dupli...
Jul 06, 2017
Basic loopback testing in UNIX
1. Place the loopback plug into the corresponding port on the Digi product.  Depending on the product, a loopback plug may or may not have been shipped with it.2. From the UNIX root prompt, type:# ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Example for Configuring a Device Cloud Task to Set a Gateway XBee PAN ID
To configure a task that will change the PAN ID on a gateway XBee radio, you will want to go to theSchedulesoption in your Device Cloud account underDevice Manger.  Click onNew Schedule, then close...
Jul 06, 2017
What security policy is used by the Device Cloud?
What security policy is used by the Device Cloud?The Device Cloud security policy is based upon a control matrix developed to support the standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards ...
Jul 06, 2017
General Certification Comments on Digi products
Check the main reference manual for the given Digi product.  Generally they have a section marked 'Certification'.  If the certification in question is not seen there it is most likely not ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Create a free 5-device Device Cloud Developer Edition account
The Digi Device Cloud is a cloud-based device management platform that allows you to connect any device to any application, anywhere.  Device Cloud gives you the tools you need to manage many devic...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Discover Device Cloud descriptors and information for your "Connected" Device
Description:  This article discusses how to discover the Device Cloud descriptors of a ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy gateway.  The contents of the article can be used to discover the descriptors...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Troubleshoot Device Cloud Connectivity Issues from the WebUI of a Digi Connect WAN or Connec
Introduction:This document contains basic troubleshooting steps you can perform from the WebUI of your Digi Connect WAN or ConnectPort gateway to help ensure a connection to Digi Device C...
Jul 06, 2017
Device Cloud Trial Account Expired (end-user)
Device Cloud Trial Account Expired.  Pointed end-user to Device Cloud sales to upgrade to a paid subscription.
Jul 06, 2017
Error is seen adding a device to Digi Device Cloud or Remote Manager: "Failed to add one or more de
Problem:   If you're trying to add a device to a Device Cloud or Remote Manager server and it comes back with the message “Failed to add one or more devices:” (see below), it may mean that your...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Add a Digi TransPort to your Remote Manager account
Introduction This article explains how to add your Digi TransPort to the Digi Remote Manager server.Note:  This article assumes that you've already created a Digi Remote Manager account, and ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Configure Scheduled (cron) Reporting on the ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy
Introduction:Pseudo reporting is where a Gateway is configured to poll a Smart Energy device in order to simulate ZCL reporting.  If the attribute value had exceeded a reportable_change a...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi International Security Notice SSLv3 Vulnerability "POODLE"
Digi International Security NoticeCVE-2014-3566October 28th, 2014OverviewA security vulnerability  nicknamed "POODLE" CVE-2014-3566, was announced on October 14th, 2014. We have had many inqui...
Jul 06, 2017
List of Device Cloud Disconnect Definitions
List of Device Cloud Disconnect Definitions
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Declare multiple targets in a Device Cloud /ws/sci Request
IntroductionDigi Device Cloud is a Machine-to-Machine Cloud-based network operating platform that contains a number of useful API (Application Programmer Interface) options.  The Device Cloud ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Remove a Task listed under the My Tasks tab when creating a new Device Cloud Schedule
Introduction:The Digi Device Cloud allows a user to create useful tasks to execute under Device Management.  This is done from Device Management --- Schedules by clicking the New Schedule button.A ...
Jul 06, 2017
Customer contacted regarding unusual Device Cloud activity
Device Cloud Operations or Dev Team seeing unusual behavior with a device connected to Device Cloud, and wanted us to contact the customer regarding the behavior.
Jul 06, 2017
Reset Xbee Network Layer
Process to reset an Xbee Network Layer:To reset the Xbee Network Layer we will need two things,Gateway Device ID: Found in Device Cloud -> Device Management -> Devices Xbee Address: Found in ...
Jul 06, 2017
Why does my Digi Connect WAN or ConnectPort Cellular device keep Disconnecting and Connecting from D
Problem: Digi Connect WAN or ConnectPort Cellular device keep Disconnecting and Connecting from Digi Device Cloud.Solution: If you look at the Device Cloud --- Device Management --- Devices --- D...
Jul 06, 2017
Recommendations for lowering cellular data usage/overage for Device Cloud connectivity
SMS:Wake up (shoulder tap):A wake up or "shoulder tap" can be sent to trigger a connection to the Device Cloud.  This is documented at:http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/html/9000...
Jul 06, 2017
Security Notice Bash Vulnerability "Shellshock"
Security Notice Bash Vulnerability "Shellshock"Digi International Security Notice Bash Vulnerability "Shellshock"Digi International Security NoticeOctober 2nd, 2014CVE-2014-6271...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi International Security Notice Vulnerability "GHOST"
Digi International Security Notice Vulnerability "GHOST"Digi International Security NoticeOriginally issued March 6th, 2015, updated December 18, 2015CVE-2015-0235OverviewA critical secur...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Find Country of Origin (CoO) for Digi-manufactured products
It is Digi's goal to facilitate and expedite worldwide trade in the most effective and efficient manner, by proactively observing all international rules and regulations regarding export.To aid...
Jul 06, 2017
How to create/edit/remove Groups in Remote Manager
How to create/edit/remove Groups in Remote ManagerThe groups feature allows you to add or create a group and assign a list of devices to that group. You can create a hierarchical structure of devic...
Jul 06, 2017
How to add/edit/delete a tag for a device in Remote Manager
Remote Manager uses tags to categorize devices.  You may want to edit the tags associated with a device if the purpose of a device changes or if you use tags to create a new sub-category of devices...
Jul 06, 2017
How to receive an E-Mail notification when a device goes offline on Device Cloud or Remote Manager
IntroductionThis article describes how to configure Digi Device Cloud or Digi Remote Manager to send an E-Mail notification when a device goes offline.Note: This article assumes that you have ...
Jul 06, 2017
Device Cloud Query Monitor Details and Examples
Quick Introduction to MonitorsDuring both normal (uploading data from devices) and abnormal (alarms triggered for device health) operation of a customer's DC environment, the platform generates...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi International Device Cloud/Remote Manager Notice: November 23, 2015 - End use of Etherios domai
On 23 November, 2015, Digi International sent out an email with the following guidance:With the recent sale of Etherios to West Monroe Partners, Digi International no longer owns the domains etheri...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Add a Device Cloud DataStream Containing a Location
Adding a Device Cloud DataStream Containing the Location CoordinatesThe following examples show how to add a Device Cloud DataStream with the location where the data value may have been captured:AP...
Jul 06, 2017
How do I delete the Device Cloud or Remote Manager server cookie downloaded by my browser?
Overview:We are committed to continual improvement of the customer experience when using Digi Device Cloud and Remote Manager. A potential side-effect of an update to Device Cloud or Remote Manager...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Change the Device Cloud Name on Gateways Using Device Manager from the Device Cloud
HOW TO: Change the Device Cloud Name on Gateways Using Device Manager from the Device CloudTo change the server name for the Device Cloud connection from your Device Cloud account, you will navigat...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Query the Connection History of a Connected device from Digi Device Cloud
Introduction: One very useful aspect of Device Management on the Digi Device Cloud is the ability to view the Connection History of a device.  This of course refers to the connection history of tha...
Jul 06, 2017
Error codes seen with data push from device to Device Cloud? idigid protocol error code list
Introduction: Digi RF Gateways and devices which use the edp protocol to "push" data to Device Cloud can sometimes encounter errors pushing that data, if Device Cloud isn't available ...
Jul 06, 2017
Unable to login to the Device Cloud
Unable to login to the Device CloudDue to regular scheduled maintanence or unplanned outages, the Device Cloud may not be accessible.  The following URL will show the current status of each Device ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Send an AT command to an XBee from a CP-X2 or CP-X4 commandline via Telnet/SSH or Device Cl
Introduction: This article discusses how to send an AT command from the CommandLine Interface (CLI) of a ConnectPort X2 or X4 Gateway, from either Telnet/SSH or via Device Cloud (assuming the Gate...
Jul 06, 2017
Customer sent in equipment for root cause analysis by Digi Engineering or the RMA Dept
The customer sent in equipment via RMA for root cause analysis by Digi Engineering or Repairs/Manufacturing Assurance staff.
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Change the Remote Management Server Address on Multiple TransPorts via Device Cloud
The following example shows how to create a task on Digi’s Device Cloud to change the Remote Management Server Address in a TransPort.Log into Device CloudClick on Device Management > Schedules ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Configure ZCL (real) Reporting on the ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy
Introduction: The ZCL or "real" reporting method is where a Smart Energy device (example: Programmable Communicating Thermostat or PCT) is configured to report attribute information about itself t...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Configure a Digi Connect WAN, ConnectPort, or ERT/Ethernet Gateway for a Device Cloud serve
This document only applies to the following products:ERT/Ethernet GatewayConnectPort X2ConnectPort X2 for Smart EnergyConnectPort X4ConnectPort X5ConnectPort X8Digi Connect WAN and ConnectPort WAN ...
Jul 06, 2017
Firewall concerns for outbound EDP connections to Device Cloud or Remote Manager
Prerequisites: This article assumes you've reviewed the available Configuration/Troubleshooting guidance for your particular Digi product, and have ensured your Gateway or device is otherwise c...
Jul 06, 2017
Device Cloud Configuration, Migration, and Troubleshooting Guide
IntroductionDigi makes a number of different products capable of connecting to the Device Cloud, from hardware products to those which are purely software. Unfortunately, not all Device Cloud-capa...
Jul 06, 2017
RMA repair options
If your Digi product is damaged there is a chance it can be repaired.  Please contact Digi technical support and explain the situation.  You'll want to take some pictures too if this is possibl...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi Python Learning Recommendations
python.org - for training materials from the creators of the language.Digi Python Wiki - specializing in python and how it applies to Digi products:http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Spec...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Device Cloud: Add Data To A Data Stream
In this example, we will add data to a Data Stream associated with a device ID. We will be using the following web services interface:/ws/v1/streams/historyAdd Multiple Data Points to a StreamThis ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Device Cloud: Query Settings From a Device Using /ws/sci
HOW TO:  Query Settings From a Device Using /ws/sciFirst: the way to interact with the device’s settings and state information is through RCI (Remote Command Interface). That is a device-level inte...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Create a Scheduled Task to Update the OS Firmware of an XBee Gateway ZB or ConnectPort X2e
Introduction:This article describes the creation of a Device Cloud Scheduled Task which can be used to update the OS Firmware of your XBee Gateway ZB and/or ConnectPort X2e for Smart...
Jul 06, 2017
convert IEC_104 protocol to IEC_101
possible python solution:https://github.com/vlet/iec104otherwise use google for further research.
Jul 06, 2017
Adding a Digi Device to the Digi Device Cloud Platform
Adding a Digi Device to the Device Cloud Platform This article explains how to add your Digi device to the Digi Device Cloud. This article assumes that you have already set up your device to connec...
Jul 06, 2017
Configuring a Digi TransPort router for Remote Manager connectivity - Web User Interface (WebUI) met
Introduction:This article will discuss how to configure your Digi TransPort router for use with Remote Manager by utilizing the built-in Web User Interface (WebUI) of the Digi TransPort i...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Create a Device Cloud Task
HOW TO: Create a Device Cloud Task  The following example shows how to create a task on Digi's Device Cloud to upload a Python file to a device connected to the Device Cloud.Login to your Devic...
Jul 06, 2017
Does Digi offer a Desktop version of Remote Manager?
No, initially, Remote Manager was offered as a Windows "desktop" application.  Currently, Remote Manager is exclusively web-based.More information about Digi Remote Manager:http://www.dig...
Jul 06, 2017
Can a TransPort in IP Passthrough mode connect to Digi Remote Manager?
Yes, enabling IP Pass-through mode should not inherently interfere with connectivity to the Digi Device Cloud / Digi Remote Manager.Related KB articles:HOW TO: Configure IP Pass-through mode on Dig...
Jul 06, 2017
Keep your firmware and configurations in sync across your entire deployed inventory
If you have a common configuration and firmware version that you’ve tested and you want to ensure your deployed device inventory stays in sync with that combination, you can use the Profile Manager...
Jul 06, 2017
Access historical data of the same type from multiple devices
If you have thousands of devices uploading time-series data like cellular health statistics and want an easy way to extract those data, try the Query Monitor API from Digi Remote Manager.Using RSSI...
Jul 06, 2017
Description of chronyd Operation and NTP sample frequency within XBee Gateway and ConnectPort X2e SE
Options from the Device Cloud/Remote Manager Device UI (DCUI)The Gateway’s DCUI --- Advanced Configuration --- Time Server --- NTP Time Precision setting contains two options:    Stan...
Jul 06, 2017
Sending Serial Data via Device Cloud, X2e and an Xbee
Periodically, one wants to send data from the device cloud to an XBee module connectedto a device via the XBee modules Serial port or COM port.This can be done using the default application that co...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Obtain a List of Device Cloud Connected or Disconnected Devices
HOW TO:  Obtain a List of Device Cloud Connected or Disconnected Devices The following examples may be used in a web browser in order to obtain a list of devices which are currently in a connected ...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Troubleshoot Device Cloud Connectivity Issues from the Command Line Interface of a Digi Conn
To access the command line, use a terminal emulator client, such as, telnet, PuTTY to telnet to the IP address assigned to the gateway.Check current connectivity status with the Device Cloud:#> ...
Jul 06, 2017
Technical Support RMA Authorization requirements
RMA requests must be submitted to Digi Technical Support and are either Authorized or Unauthorized.Unauthorized RMA requests are subject to potential NPF (No Problems Found) fees, i.e. if hardware ...
Jul 06, 2017
Using Digi's Applicaiton's Cluster ID's and End points on a Digi XBee
Digi ProfileProvides an overview of the ZigBee endpoint and cluster ID functionalitysupported in the Digi drop-in-networking profile.Digi XBee Profile OverviewThe Digi Drop-In-Networking ZigBee Pro...
Jul 06, 2017
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